about us

Pizza Heart Bar is Amsterdam’s artisan pizza bar for everyone:
vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers – even pizza haters.

If you count yourself among Amsterdam’s vegans, you’ve probably had to sigh,
“I’ll have the goat cheese salad with bacon and yoghurt dressing,
without the goat cheese, bacon, and yoghurt dressing” one too many times.

We think that’s baloney. That’s why, at Pizza Heart Bar, we place strong emphasis on vegan and vegetarian options on our menu. Take heart, carnivores: the menu’s still got plenty of meat on the bone. We just think that if you and all your friends (that one vegan included) need a nice place to sit down and have good food, there should be such a place.
And that’s us.

We make artisan pizzas for gourmets, with the freshest ingredients and powerful flavours. If extra healthy is your cup of caffè, we also offer whole wheat pizzas and we’re busy developing the best dough for the gluten-intolerant as we speak. And if your preferred pizza is no pizza at all (that’s okay, we don’t judge), we’ve got plenty of antipasti, pastas and salads to satisfy your inner hungry caterpillar.

If you want to find out what makes our pizzas special, check out our pizza page.

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