our pizza

We craft our pizzas with love and attention – and the finest ingredients. We source them from Italy and locally, whichever gives us the best quality. On our pizza menu you’ll find the classics as well as a selection of gourmet pizzas. These come with more distinguished flavours and are sure to please the finer palates. The dough we use is ‘ad alta digeribilità,’ Italian for highly digestible, and you may always opt for a whole wheat crust.

our dough

We make pizza ‘ad alta digeribilità’: highly digestible pizza.

Like many good things, a truly good pizza starts from the bottom: the dough. Many a pizza can feel like a stone in your stomach. This is largely determined by the amount of yeast in the dough. Yeast accelerates the rising process, but: the more yeast, the heavier the pizza. Our pizzas are ‘ad alta digeribilità, which is Italian for highly digestible. To make this happen, we use a special preparation technique. We let the dough rise for 72 hours, which gives it time to reach the ultimate yeast balance. This way, we only work with a fraction of the yeast conventionally used.

With sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, our extra digestible pizzas are also extra delicious. We finally bake the pizzas in our born-ready, ever-golden, never-traditional traditional wood-fired oven, and then you get a pizza you really won’t be able to say no to.